DanaScraper 2 W470

This is the double wiper activated by two O-rings. Using two O-rings optimises the activation load on the profile ring. The wiper has a long service life, low friction and excellent wiping effect. In such an application, the wiper together with the housing are completely sealed, which prevents dirt pockets between housing and rod.

Extreme chemical resistance
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Working conditions:

Frequently used - DanaFlon Material
Wipers   –200 to +260 °C
 –60 to +80 °C
60 Shore D
 –60 to +80 °C
Short duration: 120 °C
DanaFlon 24 84 91
Filler Bronze & Additives Virgin Virgin
Colour Brownish  Red White
Extreme form stability and extrusion resistance yes (yes) (yes)
Lubricating media yes yes yes
Extreme wear resistance  (yes) (yes) yes
Wide range of media no yes yes
Non-lubricating media no yes yes
Food applications no no yes
Conforms to food regulation  no no FDA, EU 10/2011
Alternative solution - DanaFlon Material
Wipers   –200 to +260 °C
DanaFlon 32
  Carbon & Graphite
Colour and filler Dark Black
Extreme form stability and extrusion resistance (yes)
Lubricating media yes
Extreme wear resistance  (yes)
Wide range of media yes
Non-lubricating media yes
Food applications no
Conforms to food regulation  no

DanaScraper 2 W470

Technical details

Here you can see the technical details

Series øB f8/h8 øA H8 G + 0,2 R1 øD1H8 m-0,1
W47 03 100-229,9 øB + 22,2 6,3 1,2 øB + 10,7 4,2
04 230-299,9 øB + 24,2 6,3 1,2 øB + 10,7 4,2
05 300-629,9 øB + 33,0 8,1 1,2 øB + 15,1 6,3
06 630-1650 øB + 36,5 9,5 1,2 øB + 15,1 6,3

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